10+ Angular 4 Authentication Example [Angular 2/4 Compatible]


Authentication is an important aspect of any app. Especially, techies are eager to know how they can perform the authentication with front-end like Angular 2/4. Therefore, I thought let me share you a list of amazing Angular 4 Authentication example that may help you.

Basically, we store session on server side on traditional apps but here is Angular 4, we need to manage our session on front-end only.

The question is how we can manage the session on front-end and make sure that every request is authenticated. That’s why I’ve provided here plenty of options to try. So, let’s see the list of top amazing Angular 4 Authentication example which compatible to Angular 2/4.

1. Angular 4 Session Management

This example will guide you to perform the Angular 4 Authentication.

Also, it shows how to manage session using AuthGuard.

2. Angular 2 Authentication with Auth0 and NodeJS

This amazing example is compatible with Angular 2/4 and that allows performing the authentication with Auth0 and NodeJs.

3. Angular 2/4 JWT Authentication Example

This example is based on Angular 4 JWT authentication.

Here, they provides a step by step understanding and set up instructions.

4. Phone Authentication with Angular 4 + Firebase

By using this example, you can perform phone authentication using Angular 4 and Firebase.

5. Angular 4 Authentication example with Python

If you’re fan of Python, here is an of Authentication example build with Angular 4 as a front-end and python as a back-end.

Also, it’s completely compatible with Angular-CLI and NPM.

6. Angular 2 Authentication with Express

Here, is an example of Angular 2 authentication with Express.

The APIs are created in express and those can communicate with Angular at front-end.

7. Complete Firebase Authentication with Angular 2

This tutorial will guide you perform the authentication with Angular 2 and firebase.

Also, it shows the authentication with Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, etc.

8. Angular 2 Facebook Authentication

This example is dedicated to Facebook authentication with Angular 2.

9. Angular 2 – Meteor example

Here, author has used Meteor to perform the database operations and angular 2 authentications.

10. Angular 2 Authentication Tutorial

This tutorial will guide you to perform the angular 2 authentication with Auth0.

11 Just an another example – ngx-auth

ngx-auth module help you perform the Angular authentication.

Don’t forget to install npm before start using this example.

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Moreover, did I missed to mention any other useful Angular 4 Authentication example over here? If so, feel free to suggest by commenting below. I’d love to add it here.

Final words, don’t forget to share this awesome list of Angular 4 Authentication Example with your friends on below social media.

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