10+ Best Angular 4 CRUD Examples [Angular 2/4 Compatible]


Angular 4 is the latest launch. So, everybody wants to create some CRUD applications using Angular 4. Therefore, I thought why not share a list of amazing Angular 4 CRUD examples that may help you.

Here, before sharing some examples, I’d like to suggest few own created examples for Angular 4, that will definitely help you.

Note: The firebase and firestore are two different things. You can visit Google launched Cloud Firestore database

Now, let’s start with list of amazing Angular 4 CRUD examples.

1. Simplest Angular 4 CRUD Example

It’s a simple way of implementing CRUD operations in your Angular 4 app.

Features are,

  • Easy configuration, customizable Data-table
  • Resizable, Sortable columns and pagination
  • Easy to add custom columns
  • Add, Edit opertions with Bootstrap modal popup
  • and many more

Angular 4 CRUD Example With Bootstrap DataTable

2. Angular 5 DataTable Example

This is an example of a Simple Angular 4 CRUD Example with Bootstrap DataTable.

Following are the features,

  • Install Angular 5 App
  • Install DataTable
  • Use DataTable with options
  • Pagination
  • Sorting
  • Global Searching

Furthermore, it has almost every feature that a table should have, that’s I’ve mentioned this example on the 2nd position in the list of top Angular 4 tables.

Angular 5 DataTable Example - Demo

3. Angular 4 CRUD Example using Http Class

This Angular 4 CRUD example is built using Http class. It uses the simple tabular format for UI.

Also, it will help you to use the API calls using Http class.

4. Angular 4 Grid-based CRUD Example

This example uses the ng-template and grid to create a CRUD app. Also, it is implemented based on Node.js and MongoDB for back-end.

They have taken a simple example that populates the information about employees.

5. Angular 4 with Material + Docker

This example is built using Angular 4 + Angular CLI + Angular Material + Docker

You need to use npm to install and set up the application in your local environment.

Following are the features,

  • Responsive layout (flex layout module)
  • Internationalization
  • Lazy loading modules
  • Progress bar active, if a request is pending (events)
  • CRUD: create, update and remove heroes
  • Search bar, to look for heroes
  • Modal and toasts (snack bar)!

6.CRUD/Admin Angular 4+ Material Design App

This Angular 4 CRUD is built using Material design.

Also, they have used Angular-CLI with npm to set up and use this application in your local environment.

7. Angular 2 CRUD Tutorial with Angular-CLI

This example is an article which includes the details of creating Angular 4 CRUD using Angular-CLI and TypeScript.

8. Angular 2 CRUD with REST API

This example is built using Angular 2 with REST API.

I am sure that with few adjustments you can use this with Angular 4 as well.

9. Angular 4 CRUD using Firebase database

One more example that is for Angular 4 CRUD using firebase.

They have provided a step by step details and a video tutorial that may help you to understand the concept with firebase.

10. Simple Ng4 CRUD Example

This is a GitHub example that is build using RouterOutlet that will help you the concept of routing as well.

11. Angular 4 CRUD with ASP.NET

If you’re fan of ASP.NET, this example is for you.

It’s build using Angular 4, ASP.NET and PrimeNG components.

12. Angular 2 example with NodeJs back-end

This example is build using Angular 2 with NodeJs as back-end.

Make sure you’re using npm before digging into the development.

Few more Angular 4 CRUD examples

As we know that CRUD is an important aspect of our web application. Once we use one type of CRUD at one place, we just need to replicate it through the application. So, it’s very important to become choosy whenever you’re looking to implement a CRUD example for your application.

That’s why I’ve provided an amazing collection of Angular 4 CRUD examples.

Moreover, I hope this article helped you to achieve your CRUD app using Angular 2/4.

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Moreover, did I missed to mention any other useful Angular 4 CRUD example over here? If so, feel free to suggest by commenting below. I’d love to add it here.

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