Mohit Tanwani

Who I am?

I am Mohit Tanwani, managing this website The Techies House to help you the techies like you.

Mohit is a Zend Certified Engineer and a passionate IT professional. He has evolved many large and complex projects through out his career.
He has started his career as a PHP developer then his focus moved to JavaScript technologies more, plus he is been experienced in managing a team and a handling a big number of projects at a time.

Other than that, he has been a passionate Blogger and always actively involved on large community platforms like StackOverflow

Why I am here?

Throughout my career, I’ve been helped by a lot of people and without their help and support, I can’t be able to achieve what I had in my career so far.

Of course, Google is also one important source that has helped me in my career to find many more sources to get my issues resolved.
Therefore, I thought why not create a blog where I can share my thoughts with the people as much as I can. That’s where The Techies House born.

You know what, why I’ve named this website The Techies House because I always love to write about new technologies and would like to interact with the people from the tech background.

So, let’s rock together, Stay connected, Stay updated..

And your (good or bad) feedback/suggestions are always welcome, share your thoughts and queries here


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