Best 10+ Angular 4 Loading Spinner Examples [Angular 2/4 Compatible]


Here, is a list of amazing Angular 4 loading spinner examples, choose one for your next Angular application.

There is always been a small waiting time when an application interacts with the server and get the response and then render it to the user’s browser.

To utilize that time and make the user don’t get bored with the page loading time, we should set up a loading spinner or screen, whenever the application goes to a server for the data. So, this article will help you to choose a best Angular 4 loading spinner for your application.

It’s an important aspect of any application to make the UI user-friendly that way we can get more users for our application.

Therefore, I thought let me collect some of the good examples of Angular 4 loading spinner and provide you the details, that will help you.

1. Angular 4 and Redux simplified

This example is based on AngularRedux and the data are loading via REST API. In between the time of requests, we can show the loading spinner to the users.

It includes,

  • Redux setup with data loading via REST API
  • Custom Http service with JWT authentication
  • Loader service with Angular Material Progress bar on each request

2. ng4 loading spinner

ng4-loading-spinner is an opensource example that provides two options for our asynchronous calls. One is default option and another is custom template.

And this can be used by a simple command using npm.

npm i ng4-loading-spinner –save

3. ngx loading

ngx loading is an opensource GitHub example, that can be customizable as well.

We can use this loading in our existing project by using a command.

npm install –save ngx-loading

4. Material Progress Spinner

This progress spinner is based on the material design.

Also, it’s simple and easy to use with few customizable options.

5. Loading Spinners for Firebase Data

This loading spinner is specially designed with firebase data.

FirebaseListObservable is used to determine if the data has been loaded by subscribing to it.

6. Loading spinners, the Angular 2+ way

This example helps you to build and use the custom spinner service from scratch.

Also, it’s simple and straightforward way to show a loader in between when user clicks on a button and data gets rendered on the user’s browser.

7. Angular 2, custom loader as a service

This example is built using a custom approach to show a loading spinner.

Here, few steps of tutorial will help you create a custom loader as a service and can use it throughout the application by just importing that service in your component.

8. Angular 2, Loading Indicator using ngSwitch

It’s a super-simple Angular 2 component, used in tandem with ngSwitch to overlay the DOM elements while waiting for async data

9. Kendo-UI-style loading indicator

This example is based on Kendo UI, that will help you to show an overlay on the window while a remote request is made.

Also, it’s completely based on Kendo UI elements. So, make sure that you’re following all the instructions provided by Kendo UI documentation.

10. Angular 4 Loading / Spinner ng-spin-kit

ng spin kit comes with easy steps of setup and few useful options to integrate with your existing application.

You can start using this component by a simple command using npm.

npm install ng2-spin-kit-new –save

Moreover, let me know if I’ve missed any other useful loading spinner example over here. I’d love to add it here.

I hope, you liked this list of best Angular 4 loading spinner examples. As I mentioned, the choice of loading spinner will automatically change the user-friendliness of your application. So, review all the listed examples and choose the best suitable example for your application.

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