Best 10+ Vue.js charts and graphs Examples


This page has a collection of some of the amazing 10+ Vue.js charts and graphs examples.

Charts and Graphs are one of the important aspects of any data-driven web application. So, it’s very crucial to choose a UI friendly or responsive and compatible chart library for your Vue.js app.

Therefore, I thought why not share a collection of selected Vue.js charts and graphs at one place to help people to choose compatible chart for their web application.

So, let’s get started with the best 10 Vue.js charts and graphs, enjoy!

1. amCharts with Vue.js

I am sure you’ve previously used the amCharts because amCharts are one of the popular options for charts.

Vue.js charts and graphs - amCharts with Vue

2. FusionCharts VueJS Component – Vue-FusionCharts

I’d recommend you to use the FusionCharts with your Vue.js app. Because they provide lot of options with easy configurations.

Vue.js chart example - FusionCharts VueJS Component

3. vue-chartjs

Vue-chartjs is combination of a Vue and Chart.js provides a smoother way to use charts in your Vue.js app.

Chart in Vue.js - vue-chartjs

4. Google Charts for Vue.js

Google charts provide a plugin to use the charts in a Vue.js app. There are available with minimal examples but effective ones.


5. vue-charts

Vue-charts are based on Vue2 wrapper for ChartJs. Also, it can be easily configured with your Laravel apps.

It has multiple options like Bar, Line, Horizontal, Radar, etc available to use in your Vue.js app.


6. Vue Chartkick

Vue Chartkick are known as one liner charts. It creates beautiful JavaScript charts with one line of Vue.

Also, it provides different options like Line, Column, Pie, Bar, Area, and many more.

Vue Chartkick

7. vue-d3 Bar Chart

This example helps you to build a bar chart in your Vue.js app using d3 library.

vue-d3 Bar Chart

8. Vue Bars

This library provides simple, elegant spark bars for Vue.js apps.

Vue Bars

9. Vue-ECharts

Vue-Echarts are a library built on echarts components that help us to draw charts in our Vue.js apps.


10. vue-highcharts

Highcharts are also a well know chart library that we generally use in our traditional data-driven apps.

vue-highcharts provides a highchart component that fully compatible with your Vue.js app.

vue-highcharts - charts in Vue

11. Vue.js SVG Graph Example

This example is based on SVG only. So, please make sure you know what it’s doing before using it.

Vue.js SVG Graph Example

12. vue-easy-pie-chart

If you’re looking to draw a pie chart in your Vue.js app, this example is a right choice for your app.

Just make sure that it’s based on Vue2 before start using it in your app.

Pie chart in Vue.js app - vue-easy-pie-chart

13. V-Radar

If you’re looking to draw a Radar diagram in your Vue.js app, this example is completely suitable for you.


14. vue-heatmapjs

One of the rare found in charts library.

If you’re looking to use a heat map, this example will help you to draw a heat map in your Vue.js app.


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That’s it! you should choose UI friendly and compatible chart library from this list of Vue.js charts and graphs. And I hope it’s helpful to you.

Don’t forget to share it!

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