Cloud Firestore: App Focused NoSQL Database From Firebase


Cloud Firestore is launched recently, yeah you seen it right. It’s not Firebase, it’s Cloud Firestore.

It’s a new launch of a NoSQL database in real time category.

What Is Cloud Firestore?

Cloud Firestore is a flexible, scalable NoSQL cloud database to store and sync data for client and server real time.

It is a database generally for mobile, web and server development.

Same as Firebase, the Firestore is a real-time database.

Furthermore, it keeps your data synced across devices through real-time listeners and offers support for offline as well.

Cloud Firestore is a cloud-hosted, NoSQL database that provides direct access through iOS, Android, and web apps via SDKs.

Also, it’s available for Node.js, Java, Python and Go SDKs.

Evemore, REST and RPC APIs support also available.

As other typical NoSQL databases, Cloud Firestore is storing the data in documents.

Data will be stored in form of key-value pairs like a typical JSON data, and a bunch of documents called as a Collection. So, each database can have multiple collections, and a collection can have a multiple documents.

Advantages of Cloud Firestore

  • First of all, we can chain up complex queries to manipulate the database in Firestore, what we generally do in our daily database activities.
  • In addition, Firestore gives the choice to build offline apps using the local database for the web, iOS, and Android platforms.
    Furthermore, Users can also sync app data in real time, and this adds to the attractiveness of Firestore.
  • As mentioned earlier, it’s more structured, much faster, more scalable, data from online to offline.
  • Providing, batch process to execute your queries.
  • Promising, it can handle large and complex database easily. Especially, for tons of document data, big tree.

Importantly, Cloud Firestore has been designed to address the limitations of Firebase Real-time Database, i.e. data structuring, querying, and scaling.

What’s new in this real-time database?

  • Where Firebase stores data in a single JSON tree, Cloud Firestore relies on a hierarchical document model.
  • Real-time databases, in general, come with many limitations. First off, it can’t hold tons of complex queries and secondly, the platform itself was designed to have a limit of 100,000 connected devices.
  • Actually, some of the largest Firebase’s customers experienced this limit quickly, and this means, they are forced to spread their database among shards. All this negates the use of a real-time database and makes them a less effective.
  • You can protect your data in Cloud Firestore using Firebase Authentication and Cloud Firestore security rules for iOS, Android, and JavaScript or Identity and Access Management (IAM) for server-side development.

Would you like to build your first firestore app? My First Firestore App

To top it, small customers don’t really have to make the switch to Firestore right away.

Yeah, everyone has a question in their mind,

Shall we start using Cloud Firestore?

Ahh, great question, I am also excited to start using Cloud Firestore in my projects, but I’d recommend waiting for some time.

It’s beta still, not a stable one, and will keep you posted for an update on the same.

It’s not a good practice to start your real-time projects, building using beta version tools.

Next, Important is price!

Overall, the advantages and feature benefits of Cloud Firestore will come at an additional cost to the user.

Customers of the new database service will pay for it based on document reads, writes, deletes, per-month storage, and network egress.

So far the Real-time database was charging for bandwidth and the storage.

Now, Firestore could charge for additional features, More On Firestore Pricing

Finally, to read more about Firestore updates, Take Me To Official Firestore Documentation, another good source, The Firebase Blog

Overall, this is a good move by Google and one that could boost the usage of Google cloud platform.

Moreover, I hope you are excited to work with another new NoSQL real-time database named, Cloud Firestore.

If you find anything more interesting or any update about Cloud Firestore, feel free to share your comments below.

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