Learn Angular 4 From Scratch In 60 Minutes [Tutorial and Examples]


This page will guides you over to Learn Angular 4 from scratch.

Angular 4 is recently launched and I am sure you also want to get you first feet into the Angular 4.

Here, is a list of tutorials which help you learn Angular 4 from scratch. It’s created by targetting the beginners who want to learn Angular 4 step by step and with examples.

It’s 100% free tutorial and created with own experience to help people who really want to learn. This tutorial will have following topics covered.

1. Angular 4 Basics
2. What’s new in Angular 4, LifeCycle and Angular CLI
3. Angular 4 With Cloud Firebase and Firestore
4. Angular 4 Forms and RouterOutlet
5. Angular 4 Event and Property Binding
6. Angular 4 ViewEncapsulation and ViewChild
7. Angular 4 Services and REST API
8. Angular 4 Bootstrap integrations
9. Angular 4 Debugging and Lazy Loading
10. Deploy Angular apps

Moreover, you can jump to Angular 5 now with the help of tutorial Learn Angular 5 From Scratch.

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