Magento Security Scan Tool


Magento is providing one of the features to monitor your sites for security risks,update malware patches and detect unauthorised access to Magento Security Scan.

It will allow you to monitor multiple sites at a time and fully free tool from Magento Commerce for merchants as well as developers.

Following are the Advantages of Monitoring.

1 – Owl’s eye on your server’s performance

2 – Timely update you about security patches requires

Let us understand how to use Magento’s security scan tool.

Steps to add your Magento 2 website with security tool

1 – Login to  Commerce Marketplace account. If you don’t have an account, click Register.

2 – Click on “Security Scan” menu item.

3 – Click on “Go to Security Scan” button and accept terms and conditions.

It will redirect you to “Monitored Websites” dashboard

4 – Click on “Add Site”, this will redirect you to “Add Site To Security Scan”

Here you need to add required details.

Site URL: Website URL which you want to monitor for example http://www.mymagentostore.com

Site Name: Site’s Name as an identifier.

Confirmation Code:  Confirmation code is the code which will be generated by clicking on “Generate Information Code” and you can add this in Magento Admin.

Add the above-generated code to the HTML head or footer.

For Magento 2 storefront and Magento 2 PWA Stprefront , see the instructions for add the code in right side.

Instructions to add Magento 2 Store

Instructions to add Magento 2 PWA Store

After adding code Click “Verify Confirmation Code”. If the code fails that means you did not add code correctly.

Magento is providing following options to Set Automatic Security Scan.

Scan Weekly

This is most recommended option from Magento itself.

In this option, Magento will allow you to select Time and Timezone on which your website will be scanned and you will get the report to your registered email address.

Do not automatically scan website.

If you will select this option, Security Scan tool will not automatically scan your website.

Receive report notifications and security updates at

You can also specify the custom email address rather than the email address on which you are logged in.

Kindly note that this email address only used by the Scan tool to sent updates regarding scan. Magento will not send any kind of promotion and event materials to this email address.

At last click on Submit.  After Submitting it you will get redirect to the Security Scan dashboard.

So why are you waiting for? Hurry and start using Magento security scan tool now to protect your site from unwanted malware.

Stay tuned for next post. Till then Keep Sharing…!

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